About sx noir

SX NOIR is a digital platform combined with live events in nyc that explores sex health. We combine personal experiences and pop culture to create original, innovative content. Our key demographic consists of readers between the ages of 21-35 who live in New York City. The mission is to provide sex-positive resources to all identifying genders. Topics of focus include sex, relationships, health, sex technology and culture. 

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Our Founder

Hello everyone! I am SX NR, an American girl taking on the world. No, this is not a simulation, this is real!  In the digital age, every millennial has an opinion about something,  I just want to help you form one about sex! Live life to the fullest as you'll see in my post, while constantly challenging myself, others around me and keeping it real. SX NOIR will feature content relating to sex, love, technology, travel, culture, and health. This platform will not be perfect! How boring is perfection? It will be my own and others personal reflections on the world and as always, a work in progress. 

The Vision


SX NOIR was created with the vision of creating a sex-positive space curating conversations around sex, love, technology, travel, culture and health. The way millennials communicate is constantly changing and we here at SX NOIR want to bring light to topics that have in the dark for far too long! I want to create comprehensive sex ed using social media and personal experiences combined with pop culture and live events.