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1 Cant Complain

2 Satisfying

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4 Lifetime Piece

The Know

Get to know the designer 


Ordering process, packing, how we found them


Wearing  the lingerie in the bedroom and how it functions


Fit, feel, condition

Thot or Not

Need I say more?


Any changes we may like to see


As for those who are not; are you wondering why Savagex is such a big deal? What is so special about a pop star starting a lingerie line?

For those who simply don’t get it, let me break it down for you.



  1. She is for everyone. Rihanna is for the people. This is not the first time we’ve seen her create a product which includes an industry standard and beyond. For those whose size, complexion,age and income have left them in the margins, it’s a time not simply to be included but celebrated.

  2. Rihanna is unapologetically sexy, powerful, sweet, and cool. It’s as if all of the personalities from girlfriends are encapsulated in one person, with a lot more edge. She is multifaceted and we can all see characteristics of yourself in her, as well as attitudes and success we hope to achieve.

  3. Cost, for years we’ve spent $100 on bras by brands like Victoria’s secret only to have underwires pop out and lace to unravel. The semi-annual sale is your best shot for cost vs quality., with fenty we don’t have to choose. (honesty I can’t even imagine what a fenty sale or clearance would be like, black friday?)

  1. Style, it is not so easy to find garter belts, suspenders and feathered robes these days without reaching out to luxury lingerie lines or going to a sex shop. There is nothing wrong about going to either but SavagexFenty is a middle ground. It is a stellar combination of daily wear and sex appeal.

  2. Normalization. Undergarments exist on a spectrum. From functional period panties to sex vixen getups, all our needs are addressed through SavagexFenty. As you explore different looks perhaps you’ll find yourself sliding up and down this spectrum and reaching in and out of places you’d never been.

Sis, you are hella late. But no fear! Sxnoir is here to give you a first hand review of the ongoing phenomon savagexfenty.


The process of odering was incredibly simple. These days you are free to skim the apparel without fear of most of the product being sold out unlike in the beggining of production.


Quality- Looking marvelous

We ordered a 34B bra, Medium panties, XXS romper. They fit wonderfully. What you might think is boob spillage is an slight intentional nipple reveal.

Free the nipple, ya know?


yo nipples out

Pushes up boobs makes them really pronounced..yes, yo nipples out. Oh and the bottom of the panties, don’t exist. Yo pussy out too! It’s great to let all your girls out for some air. Let them breath, we all deserve a break. We feel ready to lounge or seduce someone lucky


Despite the cost we feel confident in the quality of the garments we ordered. It’s shocking to have the best of both worlds. Flirty, sexy. Amazing sizes



FUCKABILITY- Cant complain

The romper paired really easily with the marabu bra and panties. I would not wear it in the bedroom but it is nice to lounge around.

I love the marabou fur bra with open cups, my titties looked amazing but with all the fur it was hard for my partner to enjoy them (tongue sticking out emoji).

The bra had to come off instantly. The underwear is very cute with fur lining the butt and an open slit on the bottom for your kitty to show but alas… unless your man is very well un-endowed if you know what I mean. It would be impossible to keep them on during intercourse and it just gets in the way during foreplay.

My verdict, super sexy out of the bedroom, not to practical in bed.




THOT OR NOT - thot

Savagexfenty is a combination of both. In our piece we felt like a wealthy housewife waiting for her billionaire husband to get home to eat his dinner. We don’t cook. The variation from pink wireless browlet to bottomless underwear remind us it’s okay to be a thot. Savagexfenty is the liberated, multifaceted and dynamic thot.



We wish the Marabou romper and all other fur pieces came with a bag to store the garment. Overtime, the fuzz is going to fall off the romper without without protection, we love protection baby! We realized this when traveling with the romper and took the initiative to find a small satin satchel for storage, it will remain in the satin satchel until it we take it to the dry cleaners.

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