Unpacking Sex Work Stigma and Intersectional Feminism
6:30 PM18:30

Unpacking Sex Work Stigma and Intersectional Feminism

 Join us for an interactive panel of Sex Workers & activists led by founder of SX NOIR and advocate Brooke Kelty


Ceyenne Doroshow

@doroshow; author, activist, advocate, and founder of GLITZ

Gizelle Marie

@thegizellemarie; stripper, activist, and founder of New York Stripper Strike

Liara Roux

@liararoux; comic artist, porn star, activist, advocate coder, and founder of LiaraRoux.xxx

Claire Fitzsimmons

@msfitz; founder of Salty

We'll discuss the state of Sex Work and the influence of sexual repression in our politics, digital spaces, and daily lives. Come ready for activities, a lot of unlearning around the stigma against strippers, porn stars, escorts, dominatrixes, and sugar babies, and an extended Q&A in a safe space.

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6:30 PM18:30

Sex Education Remix

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Join us for an LGBTQIA-inclusive sex education class that will cover the topics your health teacher never mentioned. Hosted by Gabrielle Alexa, a sex writer and speaker, alongside Kyla Brown, who previously taught sex education in the public school system, and Elyse Hi, a sex educator and creator of SX NOIR, we will explore non-penetrative sex, sexual pleasure for health, and navigating sex in the digital age. 

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Feb. 16 -Cannaware Society x Kreaky Products x El Jangueo Pt. 2
4:00 PM16:00

Feb. 16 -Cannaware Society x Kreaky Products x El Jangueo Pt. 2

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Cannaware Society x Kreaky Products presents the 2nd edition of El Jangueo: Dia de Amor - a Latinx Curated Experience driven by unconditional love. We are eager to have you join us in our unique love dungeon getaway. This time we are providing a fun yet intimate space where you can choose to play games with friends or pop into one of our stations and take part in the fun. Our love dungeon was designed with you in mind so don't worry about paying for any of the services provided, (just make sure to tip.) We want you to enjoy the activities we have to offer, listen to music, eat a home-cooked meal and drink to your heart's content. So join us on Saturday, February 16th from 4pm-10pm in Brooklyn, NY 11207 for un Dia de Amor (day of love) and share the experience of our Latinx Curated Dinner with that special someone.” 

General Admission $42 | VIP $60


This event will feature:

Latinx Cuisine Dinner

Dominican Cocktails provided by Kreaky Products

Baked goods by Melia’s Taste

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