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Unpacking Sex Work Stigma and Intersectional Feminism

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Are you ready to do some work unpacking Sex Work stigma and Intersectional Feminism? Join us on February 28th for a panel discussion. Location released upon confirmation of attendance.

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Priority will be given to Sex Workers and Industry Professionals

 Join us for an interactive panel of Sex Workers & activists led by founder of SX NOIR and advocate Brooke Kelty


Ceyenne Doroshow

@doroshow; author, activist, advocate, and founder of GLITZ

Gizelle Marie

@thegizellemarie; stripper, activist, and founder of New York Stripper Strike

Liara Roux

@liararoux; comic artist, porn star, activist, advocate coder, and founder of

Claire Fitzsimmons

@msfitz; founder of Salty

We'll discuss the state of Sex Work and the influence of sexual repression in our politics, digital spaces, and daily lives. Come ready for activities, a lot of unlearning around the stigma against strippers, porn stars, escorts, dominatrixes, and sugar babies, and an extended Q&A in a safe space.


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